PhotoJojo Macro & Wide Angle Lens for iPhone Review

Cell phone cameras have been significantly improving over the last few years, and the iPhone is no exception. With the iPhone 4S’s 8 mp lens, and the new iPhone 5s even better camera, most people have no reason to carry around smaller cameras anymore, yet some of the best features […]

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MobileMount Review

We’ve featured quite a few iPhone stands on this site before, and even dabbled into the world of multi-purposeful accessories, but many of these have had significan limitations, whether in their functionality or in which devices they support. The newcomer on the block is the MobileMount, a Kickstarter Project that […]

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New MacBook Pro (15″) with Retina Display Unboxing

Here’s a quick unboxing video of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. We’ll have initial impressions and possibly a review up on the site up soon!    

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Which iOS Devices Should I Take on My Trip?

With more and more gadgets, but less space to carry them all in, traveling has become the quintessential compromise for most tech-savvy people. While we want to bring along all of our gadgets, including our Macs, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and more, airlines are ramping up bag fees and you have […]

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Speck Smartflex View Case for iPhone 4(S) – Review

A recent addition to Speck’s case lineup, the SmartFlex View attempts to bring the best parts of the Candyshell View (namely its kickstand) and the best parts of the PixelSkin HD (its TPU material for easy removal and installation) into one product, an extremely promising idea. I’ve tried out both […]

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Timbuk2 Custom Envelope Sleeve for iPad (and Other Tablets) Review

As we outlined in our previous post, sleeves are an essential addition to any iPad owner’s proverbial accessory tool-kit. While many of these sleeves exist, very few offer customization and can claim to be hand-made in the USA. This combination alone, along with the unique envelope design led me towards […]

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What Accessories Should I Get For My New iPad?

While the iPad does indeed seem like a magical device, it can’t do everything, but with the additon of select accessories, you can turn your iPad into the machine of your dreams. However, the i-Device accessory market is stuffed full and then some – with options abound, it’s nearly impossible […]

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Capta – a Universal Smartphone Accessory [Review]

With the boom of the iPhone accessory market, consumers everywhere end up spending hundreds of dollars on accessories – whether it’s for earbud management¬†or protection. Yet, there has never been one accessory that could manage multiple tasks, leaving customers frustrated with the amount of single-function gadgets available. The Capta, on […]

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A Quick Way to Force-Quit an Unresponsive Application

If I ever have an app that’s slowing down my computer and refuses to close, or just one that’s unresponsive, my first reaction used to be to fire-up task manager and force quit the task from there. However, there’s an even faster method:   Step 1: Go to your dock […]

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GTmax Silicone Keyboard Skin Cover for Unibody MacBooks Review

One of the most annoying things that can happen to your MacBook, that doesn’t have dire consequences, is getting dust and grime all over and into your keyboard. While compressed air can be used to help clean it out, gradual buildup can be hard to clean. As a result, manufacturers […]

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